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CryptoCurrency is changing our world. Learn about this world-changing movement and how you can be a part of it from a CryptoCurrency Consultant, Jay West.

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CryptoCurrency is changing our world.

Learn about this world-changing movement and how you can be a part of it from a CryptoCurrency Consultant, Jay West.

New to the Crypto world? Jay West can coach you on the basics including knowledge of blockchains and the value they offer society, how to invest into cryptocurrencies from his personal experience, which coins to invest into, and how to track, move and keep your money secure.

Jay West has consulted with high net worth individuals in creating a plan and executing a sound and effective investing strategy.

Already have a basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies? Consult with Jay to gain more advanced knowledge such as DeFI (decentralized finance) for yield farming, savings and lending. Investing in ICO’s or IDO’s (Initial Coin/Dex Offerings), hot and cold storage wallets, how to distinguish between good and bad token investments or advanced custom topics.

Services & Pricing

Jay West offers CryptoCurrency consultation for individuals. Consultations are tailored to your specific needs and can address anything from gaining more knowledge about the basics of CryptoCurrency to more advanced topics such how to invest into DeFi or ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) and how to keep your investments ultra secure. The following is a list of areas Jay West specializes in:



  • Basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • How to invest
  • Hot and cold coin storage
  • Which exchanges to setup accounts in
  • How to move coins and view transaction data
  • How to make your coin investments ultra secure
  • How to best track news and announcements
  • Basics on how to get starting earning with DeFi (decentralized finance)


  • Using investment thesis and mental filters to choose which coins to invest into
  • Increasing the probability that in 10 years your coins are well used by the world
  • How to organize and view your assets in a realtime customizable investment portfolio
  • Cold storage using Ledger/Trezor, setup and philosophy
  • Backup and recovery plans for assets
  • Advanced DeFi topics such as yield farming
  • Customized security plan based on your lifestyle & needs


  • Cryptoasset inheritance planning
  • How to distinguish between good and bad ICO/IDO coin investments using investment philosophies and filters
  • Lost funds and wallets, lost passwords, passphrase or recovery word phrases
  • Corporation and high networth individuals investment planning and execution

The rates below are for individuals only at this time

One-on-One Consultation

$250/hour (2 hour minimum retainer)

Sessions are conducted with secure video and screen sharing using Zoom, Teamviewer or Telegram

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About Jay West

Jay West has been operating a Social Media Agency in Hollywood, California since 2011. He was an early adopter to Cryptocurrencies in 2010 and has waited for this moment in time to expand and grow this new space.

Over the past 10 years he has developed content and strategy for series of influential clients across multiple sectors of business, entertainment, and politics all throughout Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New York City.

He specializes in organization, optimization, and Superior Growth to any project he is a part of. He has generated over 60 million followers for his clients with logging over 40,000 hours spent online.


“Jay West and I have built a friendship and professional relationship over the last two years, and I couldn’t be more proud of him for his leadership and guidance throughout my new journey through the crypto world.

If it was not for Jay West and his patience. I would have never turned a profit. Not only has he shown me tactics and brought me up to speed on the linguistics, he continues to make things make sense for others along the way. It’s very inspiring to also use his direction as a way to also help my friends. They have looked up to me as a mentor not realizing it all was made possible because of Jay. I have a tremendous amount of respect and trust built with him that trickled into other capacities and I’m very excited to continue to make boss moves along the way.

I highly recommend his guidance and professionalism because not only does he hold the keys to Hollywood, hey holds the map to the moon.”

Cam Carter

Hollywood CA

“Jay West really knows his stuff. I used to ‘play’ with crypto as part of my investment portfolio thinking it will always be way too deep for me to understand. Under Jay’s guidance I realized he fully researches the developers, the strategies, and the bigger picture for each coin before he recommends it. His daily hours of research really benefit my bank account. I used to ‘play’ with $200-500 at a time, now using his calls I’m clearing 15g a month comfortable dropping $5g on his simple recommendations.”


Hollywood CA

“Jay got me setup in under 2 hours and was patient with me asking the same questions over a few times. He showed me how to get into defi alt tokens which I honestly could have not figured out on my own. Now I am using Uniswap and PanCakeSwap everyday! Thanks Jay!


Salt Lake City, UT